Who We Are


Peak is a highly valued, strategic partner of Bunnings, Australia and New Zealand’s largest home improvement retailer. Our unique business platform aligns with Bunnings in its mission to serve the do-it-yourself, do-it-for-me and trade customer, and our best in class products and broad range of home installation services are offered extensively throughout Bunnings’ massive retail network.

Peak Products offers a sweeping portfolio of home exterior and outdoor living products. We are a highly innovative company and our unique products are renowned among home owners and builders for their ingenious yet simple design, durability, safety and unsurpassed value.

Principles of Our Work

Peak fosters a culture of innovation. Peak employees, engineers and designers often identify current issues and problems customers are facing and ask themselves “how can we solve the problem?” Many improvements and innovations come out of studying what need is being met by an existing product and what needs could be met with more innovative products.

Peak’s team of engineers design, improve, test and ensure that Peak provides innovative, safe, durable products of the highest quality.

The engineers at Peak develop and design many inventive and unique products that offer better solutions to our customers. Innovation is a common theme and a way of life for Peak’s engineers.

Peak’s engineers test products to ensure that the products exceed expectations and outperform competitive products in the marketplace. We take great pride in our products and have an entire engineering team devoted to developing products of the highest standard.

The in-house design capabilities of Peak include team responsible for designing new products and making improvements on existing product lines. This is a just one indicator of the high quality nature of the Peak brand.

Peak leads the way within the outdoor home improvement products industry for design. Hundreds of Peak’s unique and creative designs are the subject of industrial design (or “design patent”) applications and/or registrations. In Canada alone Peak has approximately one hundred industrial design registrations.

Creative designs from Peak stand out from the crowd.

Intellectual property creation and protection is important to Peak. By protecting original inventions, designs, creative materials, and brands through patents, copyrights and trade-marks, Peak is able to provide leading edge products and maintain a world-class brand.

Through developing and policing an ever-expanding portfolio of hundreds of intellectual property assets, Peak continues to strengthen its product and brand identities. The results are innovative products and brands that consumers recognize, believe in, and trust.